Ambassador marketing.

Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool for a company. Transforming your employees and customers into real brand ambassadors that spread the word should be the number one focus of smart brands.

Positive word of mouth influences more than 81% of the consumers in their buying decision. As a business, building your ambassadors (internally and externally) should be a priority in your revenue generation plan.

The Merchandise Essentials solution.

There are many ways to build a powerful tribe of ambassadors. In our extensive experience we learned that merchandise is the key accelerator in your ambassador marketing strategy.

By rewarding positive brand ambassadorship with unique branded apparel, you motivate real ambassadors. And as a bonus they will wear your brand everywhere, therefore massively increasing the visibility of your company.

Our unique ambassador marketing approach.

Most companies already have a lot of silent brand ambassadors, so the first quick win is activating these people. We help you map your stakeholders and create unique merchandise moments to re-engage them.

After these first quick wins we help you develop a long term ambassador marketing strategy. We combine your goals, build merchandise inspired solutions and help you measure results. While automating as much as possible, we minimize your internal workload.

These companies already took the step

Lansweeper Case Study

Lansweeper came up with an original idea to motivate their employees to come back to the office after all the working from home.

Read below how they dealt with the unknown of working at the office during corona.

Bavet Case Study

Bavet has a lot of regular customers & to strengthen their brand, Bavet needed one more little push. That one extra thing that would clearly set them apart from the competition. They needed their clients to be real life ambassadors.

The most efficient way to make that happen, was beautiful, qualitative merchandise.

Nieuwpoort Case Study

During the last two years, Nieuwpoort Tourism has undergone a metamorphosis.
A new look & feel was introduced.

Nieuwpoort uses the traditional channels for promotion, but the city is always looking for new ways to stand out. We translated Nieuwpoort’s dynamic and fresh new look into unforgettable merchandise.

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