Behind the scenes:
production Poland.

When a childhood passion turns into your full-time job.

Nils’ passion for graphic design started at the age of 16 when he started going to metal & hardcore gigs. That’s when the interest in merchandise began to grow.
After experimenting a bit with Photoshop and creating his own T-shirts, he ended up making merchandise designs for bands like Metallica, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Kid Rock.

As our Art Director, Nils is responsible for turning our clients’ brand guidelines into stunning pieces of clothing. For reaching the perfect result and making his designs production ready, he needs to know all the possibilities of our manufacturers.

The highest ethical standards.

At Merchandise Essentials, we want to make a positive impact on our planet in both the short and long term. That means we only work with partners and manufacturers with the highest ethical standards. Because of that, we manufacture 95% of our goods in the E.U.

Of course we think it’s important to build a solid relationship with all of our partners. That’s why Nils paid a visit to our new producers in Poland. He describes his visit as an impressive and instructive experience.

Sustainability is key.

At every manufacturer, Nils saw or heard something that surprised him in a positive way. At the yarn producer for example, he saw the complete process from a simple rope to a beautiful piece of fabric. He was surprised how different yarns influence the feel of a certain fabric. Nils also got to see the different ecological steps the producers go through to deliver environmentally friendly products.

This shows that ethical and honest business practices are extremely important at Merchandise Essentials! Discover our approach for a better planet

Another key value is continuous improvement, which means that we are constantly looking for better & more efficient ways to produce. The main purpose of the visit to Poland was to look at options to adjust the production of some of our existing products, but also to add new unique items to our catalog. In this way our company, our partners and all our customers can continue to grow and improve all the time.

Nils had 3 important goals when visiting Poland:

  • Research on how how we can optimize the production of existing products to improve the final product.
  • Discover the possibilities with these products and adapting the design to them.
  • Besides that we analyse which new products we can add to our catalog.

In this way we can make sure that our offer, our partners ànd our clients can keep growing.

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Discover our approach for a better planet.

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