Employee in the spotlight: Midas

At Merchandise Essentials, we are a close-knit community that values teamwork.
We decided to highlight one of our colleagues every month because we appreciate all of them one by one. This month, we introduce you to Midas. He is our Country Manager in The Netherlands.

About Midas

Midas, 31 years old and our Country Manager in The Netherlands. Together with the highly motivated Dutch team he is working on expanding Merchandise Essentials.
In order to get to know him a little bit better, we asked several questions about what his job as Country Manager entails, what he does in his spare time and many more.

How did you end up at merchandise essentials?

Before I joined Merchandise Essentials I was working in sales in the hotel & events industry. A very interesting and fun sector to work in and I have learned really a lot in those years. Last year I got the opportunity to come working at Merchandise Essentials and the more I got to know about the company the more enthusiastic I became to join the ME-team. That is also what I did last August.

What is the highlight of your career at merchandise essentials?

For last Christmas I ‘sold’ the most Christmas sweaters which were all funny projects to work on and my first large global deal is a nice highlight as well of course. Besides that I like the fact that you get many chances to grow into a new position at ME and that you get so much responsibility. So, also becoming Country Manager of NL is definitely a highlight for my Merchandise Essentials career so far.

How would you describe the atmosphere within your team?

Everyone in my team is super eager to learn and very enthusiastic about what we do. I believe that this is like that throughout the entire company. Looking at our Dutch team I think that everyone works super hard but there is also space for making jokes or having a drink with each other after work.

What is your favorite piece of merchandise and why?

The nice thing about the merchandise we make is, in my opinion, that we really make it from scratch. Therefore every project is different from previous ones and really matched with the style and wishes of our clients. This variation is what I really like about what we do. Regarding the question.. I don’t really have my ‘favorite’ piece of merch although a cool hoodie is always welcome!

What do you think Merchandise Essentials will look like in 10 years?

Hmm, that is a long time ahead of us.. Looking at how fast we are expanding these days I expect that we will be a company with offices all over the world. This year we were in the race to become company of the year in Roeselare, where Merchandise Essentials started in 2015. In 10 years we are then most probably in the race to become company of the year worldwide. 🙂

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