Employee in the spotlight: Seba

At Merchandise Essentials, we are a close-knit community that values teamwork.
We decided to highlight one of our colleagues every month because we appreciate all of them one by one. This month, we introduce you to Sebastiaan, better known as Seba. Seba is Country Manager in our office in Berlin, Germany.

About Seba

Seba is a high-spirited 28-year-old from Roeselare, but currently flitting around in Berlin. As a Country Manager, he is responsible for our office in Germany. He takes care of the German market and manages the German team. In order to get to know him better, we asked him several questions about his job, his favorite merch and many more.

From Belgium to Berlin

Seba has been working at Merchandise Essentials for quite a while now. He started in our office in Roeselare 3 years ago. While he was still finishing his master’s thesis, he proactively started looking for a challenging job. During a soccer training, he noticed that Merchandise Essentials was searching for an account manager. Seba thought this sounded interesting and he applied for the job. Now, 3 years later, he’s still on board!

Since August, he has been working in the Berlin office as the Country Manager. When Niels and Steven, the founders of Merchandise Essentials, asked him to start up the Berlin office he was immediately excited. For now, the team houses two Merchandise Essentials family members and we’re still looking for talent to expand the office in Berlin!

What is the highlight of your career at Merchandise Essentials?

“Surely the highlight of my career is the opportunity I had to start up the Berlin office. This is something I will carry with me forever. I am still very grateful to Niels and Steven for the freedom they gave me.”

The evolution Merchandise Essentials went through is also something he considers as a real highlight. Merchandise Essentials began as a product-oriented company, but has since developed into a company that provides market solutions and is now widely recognized as the industry leader in the world of merchandise.

How Seba wants to improve himself

As a country manager, you would be required to talk in front of an audience on a regular basis, which is not always evident. Some people are primed for this, others have to practice this for a long time. Niels, one of the founders of Merchandise Essentials, is an example of a person who is cut out for this. Seba looks up to him and would also like to improve his public speaking skills.

Seba has been given a lot more responsibilities since his promotion to Country Manager. He is now in charge of the office in Germany, and he must lead a team. This is something he still struggles with personally at times. Dividing his time is something he hasn’t always mastered yet. Time management is something he still wants to improve himself in.

Seba’s free time

Besides work, there is, of course, room for leisure. Seba is an athletic type who enjoys running, soccer and basketball. After working out, he likes to plop down on the couch with a good Netflix series.

Now that he lives in Germany, it is important for him to learn the German language. So, in his spare time, he tries to arrange some time to brush up on his language skills. As a result, he will be able to communicate effectively with the clients.

“Tennis socks are swag”

Seba didn’t have to think long when we asked him what his favorite piece of merch was. “Tennis socks for the win! A few years ago, tennis socks were not that fashionable. People laughed at me when I wore them. Now, they are really popular and they’ll complete your look. That’s the reason tennis socks are my favorite merch, they are swag. Would you have asked that question 3 years ago, I would have said a bandana. Same story; they weren’t popular before, but they are now.”

The sky’s the limit

“Where do you see Merchandise Essentials in 10 years?” That’s a tricky question to ponder. Seba is confident that Merchandise Essentials will continue to grow. “If we keep going in this direction, I believe we’ll be the leading fashion company for businesses with a dozen or more locations. When you consider what we’ve achieved in just three years, there are a lot of great things ahead of us. The sky’s the limit.” according to Seba.

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